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Sandpoint Sage offers consulting, bookkeeping, payroll services, business funding, and Federal Income Tax preparation for individuals, small business owners and prospective business owners.
Bookkeeping Services are done by QuickBooks Pro Advisors and FreshBooks Certified Bookkeepers. All of our business services are strictly kept confidential.

Are you ready to start a new business? Or expand your current business? Do you need an injection of funds for your business to make it through these tough economic times?

Sandpoint Sage can help you with your business start-up needs. Entity selection and registration, operating agreements, financial forecasts, established business funding and more.

Contact us BEFORE you start your new business. We offer financial prospectus and business plans as well as marketing strategies to keep your new endeavor on the path to success.


Payroll Services - We will prepare your Payroll and make your Payroll Tax Deposits electronically for you. Plus we will prepare and e-file your Federal and State Payroll Tax Reports. If your State requires New Hire Reporting, we will prepare and files those for you too.
We provide Paycheck disbursement via Direct Deposit to your employees bank account or prepaid debit card! And at the end of the year, we prepare, file and distribute W2 and W3.
Our Complete Payroll Services are reasonably priced and your employees will be paid on time.


FreshBooks is the perfect simple and secure online bookkeeping software for all Sole-Proprietorships. If your filing a Schedule C on your Federal Income Taxes, then you are a Sole-Proprietor.

CLICK HERE and ACCEPT OUR INVITATION to try FreshBooks and enjoy 15% discount on your month-to-month subscription for the life of your account. Your first month is FREE!

With FreshBooks, there are no long term contracts to sign and there are several low cost packages available to suit your specific business needs. Anytime you need assistance with your FreshBooks simply contact us.

If you want to create and email custom invoices from your smartphone, enter expenses, take a photo to instantly store expense receipts in the correct category, track time, accept credit card payments and more remember to get the FREE FreshBooks App for IOS and Android too!

We believe that FreshBooks is the best bookkeeping software available to people who just want to focus on their business and are not bookkeepers!


QuickBooks is the perfect bookkeeping solution for Corporations, LLCs, LLP, and other entity structures. We are QuickBooks Pro Advisors. We will help you decide which version of QuickBooks is best for your specific business, provide you a discount on your QuickBooks purchase and set up your QuickBooks Software. We will review your QuickBooks and answer your questions whenever you request.

Or, we will provide full QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services for you, including preparing, e-filing and electronically paying your business Sales Use Tax Reports, whether your are required to report monthly or quarterly, at a very reasonable monthly rate.


Does your current business have a Merchant Services Account? Would you like to see more money in your pocket and less paid in merchant services fees?
Are you starting a new business which will accept credit/debit card transactions? Setting up a new merchant services account is fast and easy through Sandpoint Sage Ltd.
Sandpoint Sage Ltd would like the opportunity to provide you with a fantastic merchant services account! We offer a FREE comparison.
At this time, this service is available only to clients with business entities inside the United States. For additional information, please Contact Us.


Whether you are a Sole-Proprietor, LLC, Corporation, or other type of business entity, Sandpoint Sage Ltd has a terrific opportunity for you to get Advance Funding for your business FAST regardless of your personal credit score. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to inject some additional funds into your business for: inventory, advertising, a well deserved family vacation, additional employees, pay off some bills, absolutely any way you choose.


If you do not have a credit score for your business entity, you can start building a great entity credit score through our new services even if your business entity does not need additional funds at this time.
Contact us to learn about business funding - no matter what your credit score is!

Yes, no matter what your credit score is we can assist you in acquiring funding for your business!
If you have been in business for at least one year, you may qualify for funding up to $3,000,000.00 maximum through Advance Funding or through Lines of Credit. The application process is simple and funds can become available to you within 1-2 weeks.

At this time, this service is available only to clients with business entities inside the United States. For additional information, please Contact Us.

Taxes, Bookkeeping, Payroll ~ WE DO IT ALL!
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